Overcoming the Short Attention Spans of … Oh Look, a Squirrel!

Overcoming the Short Attention Spans of … Oh Look, a Squirrel!

So I am walking my dog and he stops and shakes himself, flailing his leash about as if he is trying to get my attention. Turns out he was. I lift my head and see him staring at me. In his deep black eyes I saw 12 lbs. of canine frustration channeling his inner Pacino. “Head out of your phone, pal. I’m walkin’ here!”

I grimace, pocket my phone and mumble an apology. He grunts, turns and heads directly to a tree- as if the way he looked at me didn’t already make things clear. I am a grown man and I have been completely shamed by a shih-poo. Shamed, because, well … he was right.

Kids, let’s face it. We aren’t as focused as we once were. We have become slaves to our phones and tablets. We are easily distracted and that is the point of this blog post:

Paying Attention!

Creating an engaging Lawyers.com profile

How do you get someone to pay attention to your Lawyers.com profile and not scroll past to the next one? What do you need to do so they stop and learn about YOU?

Here’s what I would suggest, not just for your Lawyers.com listing but for any professional profile you build:

  1. Pictures.  You must have a profile picture. It’s not recommended. It is a must, folks. Our easily distracted world has no patience or forgiveness when scrolling through a page. If we don’t see what we want we keep going. If there is no picture, we think your profile is incomplete and therefore we have no reason to look deeper. Give us a reason to click! Don’t be modest. Give us that smile.
  2. Populate your Areas of Practice. When people do a search on Lawyers.com the content you have in your Areas of Practice is critical for you to be found. Please make sure every area of practice your firm handles is listed, and include the sub-categories of that practice area. Let’s not dismiss this too easily and assume yours is fine. Check your profile. You’re likely missing something. Read #3 and you’ll see what I mean.
  3. Don’t think like an attorney. Think like someone who needs an attorney. When a prospective client calls or visits your office, what are the words they use to describe their situation? They may very well be giving you the keywords necessary for your profile. Words you may want to consider using in your Areas of Practice section. Here is an example: instead of simply having Personal Injury as a practice area, you may want to have sub-categories listed like “dog bite” or “auto accident” or “being a grown man seeking punitive damages from his shih-poo after being shamed by him in public.” You know, something specific to the issue.
  4. Your biography. Make yourself approachable and welcoming. You are an attorney. The people looking for you are likely not attorneys and feeling emotional. You want to remove the intimidation factor. Be somewhat engaging and give them a reason to want to call you.
  5. Client Reviews. These are becoming more relevant than ever. People are quick to post an opinion so I suggest you work to make sure your reviews are true to the work you do. Encourage your clients to leave reviews on your Lawyers.com listing. The world is changing and people are going online for all their information, including their search for an attorney. Most of us feel confident in calling someone who has provided many others with great service.

Those are a few of the important, but often overlooked, basics to keep in mind. As rudimentary as they may sound, I assure you they’re important. And they work for any profile you're building, not just your Lawyers.com listing. Often I get calls in the Customer Support Department from people who are unhappy that no one is calling them. I look at their profile and I immediately know why. Their profiles are anemic and with today’s consumer expectations higher than ever, that’s a recipe for failure.

Maybe a good question to keep in mind when putting your profile together is this: If I don’t care about my listing, why should anyone else?

Just make sure you’ve walked your dog before doing so.

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