Ask a Lawyer CAN Be a Day at the Beach

Ask a Lawyer CAN Be a Day at the Beach

Well done. You clocked 80+ hours and let’s just say it: you were a God among lawyers.  You killed it this week and now you finally get a day to yourself.

Your feet hit the sand and overhead you are adorned with a strikingly blue, cloudless sky. It meets the horizon with an ocean mixed of greens and blues, lightly threaded with silver.  The tide breathes in. So do you. You taste the salt in the air and feel the heat of the sun on your face. You smile to yourself, and find a spot to sit. This is nice, you think. Not too crowded.

Oh, how you’ve earned this...

Just as you settle in, here comes newly-divorced dad, Joey, and his trio of unruly boys he half-jokingly refers to as “the delinquents.”  Making all sorts of a racket, they camp out 10 feet from your spot. The older two boys waste no time in burying the youngest in sand. Once he gets himself settled in, our pal Joey decides this is a good time to engage you in conversation. You're polite, sure, but you answer in short sentences. He asks what you do for a living.

Attorney,” you reply.

Oh yeah? What kind?”

“Family law, personal injury.” Immediately you regret answering.

“Oh yeah? Hey, lemme ask ya somethin’ …..”

And here it is: Joey, his issues and a “quick question” to disrupt your one day off.

Well ... I think we may be able to help you with this.

*         *         * has a hidden gem of a program that so many of our subscribers under-utilize, it baffles me. This is a feature that will increase your online presence, improve your SEO and help to rally your search result status on - all of which can help increase clientele.

It's called "Ask a Lawyer" and about 9,000 people visit this informational resource every month. Coincidentally, that’s the same number of people who ask you for free advice.

The difference here is you are marketing yourself to a much larger audience with Ask a Lawyer. Here’s how:

  • Every answer you post has a link to your profile and website. This immediately increases your visibility.
  • An increase in visibility gives your SEO rankings a boost. In fact, you can link from your answers to your own blog or website to help improve your position in organic search results. Use your answers as the starting point of a blog post that could generate even more search results.

What else?

  • Every answer you post can be found on your profile, as well as on our Ask a Lawyer main page.
  • You become a part of our knowledge base and your answer is presented to future potential clients with similar needs.

Need more? How about this?

  • You are offering yourself as an authoritative voice in your area of law.
  • You are constructing lasting credibility and trust.
  • For those intimidated by lawyers, you have already broken the ice.

I think it is also important to understand, however, that this is not an overnight success tool. To think that would be foolhardy.  Building an online presence takes time and attention. But the good news is you don’t need to be a computer geek or SEO pro to participate and be successful at it. You just need to know your area of law and how to articulate it to the general populace.

*         *         *

Joey carries on with his situation. You see his lips moving but all you hear is blah blah blah. His youngest is now buried in the sand, a snorkel his only means of oxygen. His brothers run off to the water.

You offer a polite smile and hand him your business card.

“Visit my profile on,” you tell him. “You’ll find the answers to many of your questions there.”

Thanks,” he says. “I will.”

And just like that, your week of winning continues. The day is yours again.

Now bask in the sun, breathe in that salt air and rest. You’ll probably need it if you’re gonna end up representing one of his kids someday.

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